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Simulator League

• $25 of the entry fee will go towards winnings

• 9 holes every week

Tee Times are required for all league play.

You can schedule a time on the website to reserve your time, please state in the “add your message” section that you are doing league play.

*Hours of operation will depend on tee-times.

After you finish the week's round, you will make your tee time for the next week, if you decide to wait you must give AT LEAST 24 hour notice to schedule your round. Please refrain from scheduling the day of, this allows us to properly schedule staff that can accommodate you. 

*Each two-man 9-hole match will be given an hour and a half to complete the 9 holes. Group of 4 will be allotted two hours.

With normal course set-up, 12ft gimme, and a maximum score of Triple Bogey, all players should be able to comfortably complete the 9 holes while still enjoying themselves.

Simulator Rules

  •  Players can bring their own clubs to use during league play. We would ask that you make sure clubs are clean before you play, dirt can transfer to the simulator screen.

  • Balls and tees will be provided for league play.

  • All swinging must be done in the hitting area. Please be mindful of all the projectors when making a practice swing.

  •  Please keep all food and beverage items outside of the hitting area.

  •  You are responsible for any damage done to the simulators or area surrounding. 


  • Players can play rounds ahead of time. You must have all the rounds played by the last week (December 16th), time will not be extended.


  • Since you can play ahead AND have a week to complete your round, substitutes will not be permitted, you will not be reimbursed if you do not show up for certain weeks.

Golf Settings

  • Should a shot be accidently played or registered, a mulligan will be allowed. This is the ONLY TIME MULLIGANS ARE ALLOWED. Be fair, only use a mulligan when there was a true error made by the system, or an accidental shot was recorded.

  • All league matches will use 12-foot gimmies

  • Max of a triple bogey

Courses Played

Price: This fee is due upfront and covers your entry fee, and the weekly simulator rental.


$125 Members

$150 Nonmembers

Please note: it is recommended that you play one round every week, however it is not required. You must have all rounds played by April 27th.

Courses to be Played

  • Bay Harbor

    • Petoskey, Michigan​

  • Pine Needles

    • Southern Pines, North Carolina

  • Hazeltine

    • Chaska, Minnesota​

  • New Springville Country Club

    • South Korea​

  • Daegu

    • South Korea

  • Whistling Straits

    • Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

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