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      Flat Screen- 

      Weekday: $25 per hour

      Weekend: $30 per hour

      Half Hour: $15

     Curved Screen-

     Weekday: $35 per hour

     Weekend: $40 per hour

     Half Hour: $20


1. Clubs must be clean and free of all debris before play.

2. Shoes must be clean and free of all debris before play.

   3.Only balls provided by LCC will be permitted for use.

4. All swinging must be done in the hitting area. Please be mindful of all the projectors when making a practice swing.

5. Please keep clubs in the hitting area while playing.

6. Tee times will be enforced. In the event extra time is needed to complete a round, your simulator will only be available to do so if the next time slot is available.

7. Please be courteous of other players. Profanity and unruly behavior will not be tolerated.

   8. Please keep all food and beverage items outside of the hitting area.

   9. Please do not attempt to fix any issues with the simulators. Please ask staff for assistance. Any substantial time loss will be compensated.

10. You are responsible for any damage done to the simulators or area surrounding.